Why Project Fails – Minitab Presentation

May 15, 2017

“Minitab Statistical Software”

We are fortunate to have Jeff Harding, area Sales Manager for Minitab with us for the pre-meeting activities.  Jeff has sales responsibility for the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota. His office is located in downtown Chicago. Jeff started with Minitab when the Chicago office was opened last September and has a history in working in software and technology sales since 2008. Jeff graduated from the University of Wisconsin Madison.

Jeff’s presentation will show you the value of Minitab and how it can help your business solve problems, improve quality, and make your processes more efficient.  He will illustrate these concepts by presenting several customer stories of how they used Minitab to achieve their goals.  The presentation will transition into a conversation about common reasons why project deployments fail and how some of these tools can help standardize and manage your projects.

Download Presentation – Why Project Fails