Incorporating Lean Non-value Added Variants into a Method of Determining Stakeholder Salience for First-line Manager Decision Making

May 21, 2018

1.Are Lean waste found
in decision-making methods of organizations that have multiple diverse Stakeholders?

  1. Are there things that affect the inclusion?
  2. Do organizations favor Lean or Stakeholder criteria?
  3. Is there a method to include a balance of both?


  • Exploratory sequential

–“Z” test for proportions

–ANOVA prioritization of Lean waste

ANOVA prioritization of Stakeholder salience

–Paired “t” test for comparative prioritization Lean waste vs. Stakeholder salience


  • Hypothesis 1

–Salience (influence, interest, power, network, and urgency)

–Lean waste (over production, delays, transportation, over processing, inventory, motion and defects)

  • Hypothesis 2

–Independent variables: Type of organization, managerial level of the respondent, organization size, physical location, Lean maturity

–Dependent variable: ranking of Lean variants and ranking of Stakeholder salience

  • Hypothesis 3

–Ranking of Lean variants vs. Ranking of Stakeholder salience