It’s Scholarship Time: The ASQ Milwaukee Section $1000 Scholarship

February 12, 2019

Scholarship Award Guidelines

1. Applicant must be a High School senior with as grade point average (GPA), based on 4 point system, of 3.25 or higher. 2. Applicant must be pursuing a career in a technical field with emphasis on quality. 3. Applicant must be sponsored by a member of the Milwaukee Section of ASQ.
4. Applicant must live within the geographical area of the Milwaukee section. When not clear, such area shall be determined by going to the ASQ National website at and selecting the link “Find a Section Nearest You”. Enter the ZIP code of the applicant and note which section is suggested.
5. Applicant must submit the following ASQ Milwaukee Section Scholarship Application Form. The application shall include a paragraph describing how they will plan to apply quality principles in their future employment.
6. Applicant must have their status as a Senior and their current accumulative GPA verified by having their guidance counselor send transcript to the Scholarship Committee Chair. Please use the following Confirmation Form to request the transcript. Note: Applicant should provide the Guidance Counselor with a self addressed envelope for mailing transcript to the Scholarship Committee Chair
7. All applications will be reviewed for compliance to the above by the scholarship committee chairperson.
8. The chairperson will prepare a set of slips containing the names of each applicant at the first dinner meeting after closing of applications. A member chosen from those attending the dinner meeting shall pick a name. This person will be awarded the scholarship for that section year.


Deadline for Submitting Request:  April 1, 2019

Request Form