Your Workplace is Changing 280 Characters at a Time

Monday April 15, 2019
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

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In 2014, we experienced a social phenomenon not yet witnessed:five generations working side by side. And it will be the newer generations that will most impact how your human resources department will need to adapt. Recruiting, developing, and motivating your work force, alongside managing work schedules,benefits, and employee performance in a mobile, diverse workplace will all need to become more personalized and social. In this session, we will explore what the 2020 workplace will look like and how your organization can be a “cool place to work.”  We’ll also provide some strategies of how to connect, engage, develop, and communicate with tomorrow’s employees today.


Walter Jankowski is Chief Process and Metrics Geek of Better Dash Faster, LLC a consulting firm that helps Senior Executives figure out how to do things better – faster.  Walter works on issues like:

  • What’s a sigma and why do I need 6 of them?
  • So, how do I “go paperless?”
  • Increase my sales and profitability?  I’m in.
  • How do I get 1,500 claims people paying claims the same way?

Clients Include:

State of Wisconsin ETF, DWD, DNR, DHS, and DOA, CUNA Mutual Group, American Family, Lands’ End, several Credit Unions, and many State, County, and Municipal agencies.

Panel Discussion

Relationships Between Artifical Intelligence and Statistical Quality Control Tools

We will discuss efforts underway to bridge two statistical tool sets; one for quality control,  and the recent emergence of artificial intelligence in day-to-day work. Attendees of this discussion are eligible to receive RUs.

Please join us for our Pre-Meeting discussion panel at 5:30pm facilitated by Fred Heller

Fred Heller

Fred Heller is academically trained as a mathematician and computer scientist who spent over a decade in manufacturing supply chain management developing a passion for optimization tools while looking to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction by locating warehouses and scheduling fleet movements optimally.  Currently, Fred is a practicing data scientist with “eyes on data” and “hands on keyboard” exploring data and building predictive models.


Afterward, please join us for dinner and a discussion with Walter Jankowski:

Roundtable Discussion