Seven Basic Tools of Quality: Using the 7 Tools to Improve the 7 Tools

Monday January 15, 2018
5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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Seven Basic Tools of Quality: Using the 7 Tools to Improve the 7 Tools
Back in the 1950s, Edward Deming emphasized basic tools for quality
improvement.  Inspired by Deming’s lectures in Japan, Kaoru Ishikawa is
attributed with further defining Deming’s basic tools into seven specific tools:
1. Cause and Effect Diagrams
2. Check Sheets
3. Control (Run) Charts
4. Flow Charts
5. Histograms
6. Pareto Charts
7. Scatter Plots
Ishikawa believed that “As much as 95% of quality related problems in the factory
can be solved with seven fundamental quantitative tools.”  This tool-set was
touted as simplifying the perceived complexity of continuous improvement, thus
bringing a quality focus to front-line employees.
But much has changed in the last 60 years.  Has Ishikawa’s belief held true in
modern application?  Are companies successfully using these seven tools to
solve 95% of their problems?  Join Kathy Miller for an overview of the original
Seven Basic Tools of Quality and a discussion regarding their practical
Key discussion points:
* Are these the tools most frequently used for process improvement projects?
See what the data analytics reveal.
* Considering that these tools were originally selected for a manufacturing
environment, are they universally applicable across industries, e.g. service
* Is this list sufficient to implement and sustain improvement?  If not, what’s
missing from the list?


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Kathy Miller, VP of  Business Development – MoreSteam
Kathy Miller promotes process improvement tools and techniques and heads up MoreSteam's European sales efforts. Kathy joined MoreSteam in June, 2007, as the Director of Sales. Prior to that, she worked as a program Developer at the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and in training-related roles in companies related to the food-business, including Johnsonville Sausage and Whole Foods Market.

Kathy earned her Lean Six Sigma Green Belt in 2006. She earned her B.A. fro mUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison and an M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.